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Monitor your sytem, get
Actionable Insights

Predy automatize data gathering from your systems and deliver easy to understand performance information. Predy helps any industry decision maker to take action with real-time and historical data.


We provide unique solutions

Keep Track of Anomalies with Smart Alerts

Predy Platform tracking data with respect to thresholds and sends notifications for actions. You can analyze alerts in time and take permanent measures to improve productivity.

Connected Systems Works Like Clockwork

Predy shares expertise with software and automation expert companies to deliver end-to-end user experience from data gathering to monitoring, AI powered predictions to machinery automation.

Powered by AI

Industry Specific Predictions

Predy Platform runs industry specific AI algorithms on each dataset and predicts performance for future. This will help estimating consumption or output in a narrow error margin. Predy Platform also deliver optimization suggestions for improving KPIs

Committed to seamless integration, Unique hardware and software

Predy design and produce uniquely designed hardware and tailored software to deliver best user experience on field. Customly developed hardware assure modularity, connectivity and data accuracy.

Predy can deliver full automation of compatible devices and processes driven by data analysis.

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